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A Fábrica dos Chapéus is a Portuguese manufacturer company of caps and hats, born from the passion of its founders and owners. This love for hats led to the foundation of the brand, in 2008, defined with the design signature of Luis Barbosa. Over the following years with the commitment of all employees, the company grew at around the same initial goal: Designing and manufacturing hats that are comfortable, unique, of quality, and for all tastes, styles and occasions - “No one will be left out of our collection. The challenge is making each customer choose only one".

A Fábrica dos Chapéus signs a casual collection for Spring/Summer and for Autumn/Winter, always original and authentic for the contemporary man and woman. The collections are dynamic, with new models released every week, and always count on hats that are practical, stylish, and unique, with sophisticated designs, and with modern and classic interpretation.

A Fábrica dos Chapéus has earned national and international reputation, currently supplying customers in various business areas in Portugal and many other countries. The demand is due to the quality and design as well as the development of sophisticated hat projects for industry leaders.

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